Writing Portfolio

Digital Divide and Social Networking Sites

An investigation of the so-called “digital divide” and how social networking sites are effecting this divide. [Read More]

Wired Learning: A Survey of Digital Technologies as Educational Tools

A survey of the different ways in which technology is currently being utilized in educational settings. Written Spring 2012 for UIUC’s New Media Seminar class. [Read More]

Using Ludonarrative to Craft a Story in Harvest Moon

A look into the ways in which gameplay and the trope of the “silent protagonist” in the Harvest Moon video game series shape a player’s individual understanding of the games narrative. Written Spring 2013 for UIUC’s Video Games, Literature and Zombies class. [Read More]

The Technological: Visions of Utopia and Dystopia

An investigation into the ways in which technology has been portrayed in popular visual culture across time. Written Fall 2012 for UIUC’s Popular Visual Culture class. [Read More]